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As our community and winery have grown, so have our wine club offerings! Join Barn Raisers today or look out for upcoming information on the Heritage Club.

Barn Raisers

The description of a Barn Raising: (NOUN) A party, usually providing food, drink, etc. for the purpose of assisting a neighbor to put up a barn.

Here at Barrage Cellars, our wine club has always been a group of people coming together to support our cause to keep our “barn” raised. Therefore our wine club has been labeled the BARN RAISERS. Plus, we throw a pretty outstanding party to thank our village of support.

  • 6 bottles twice a year (Spring & Fall).
  • We offer either a red/white allocation: receiving 2 each of a new released red wine and 1 each of our Viognier and Chardonnay.
  • All red allocation is 3 each of the newly released red varietals.


Our newest wine club is named “Heritage”.

The dictionary’s #1 description of heritage is property that is or may be inherited; an inheritance. Even though this is true, we choose to combine this club description with the 2nd (archaic) term: A special or individual possession; an allotted portion. To share the wines named after our small family that are created in a very small allotment and only shared with a few.

  • Our Heritage wine club is only open to 50-75 club members
  • All wines are red blends
  • Private club room access


Barrage has some of the best Wine in Washington state. Kevin is a master wine maker and also a great guy to chat with. I hands down recommend Barrage cellars if you are looking for high quality wine at a reasonable price.

Sean M.

Great wine and great people.
Meet the man who makes the wine.

Lonnie S.

Great wines, friendly service, and families welcome make for a lovely experience!

Aaron S.


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